UCAN uniting with UNITY Youth Fest

Jekayln Carr, D3, Josh Wilson, Fro and Mikes Chair are only a few headliners that were at the Unity Youth Fest Saturday, October 19 at Mud Island River Park.  UCAN had the privilage to attend this dynamite event.  Although the weather started off chilly, it slowly began to warm up.  Over 1,000 youth were there in attendance to receive information on theater, radio, heath care and even prayer.  Parents were all welcome to come out and see how their child could benefit from other organizations and businesses.

Mary Dugan, UCAN Administrator, represented the organization as she set up for youth to receive vital information on how they can give back to their community.  UCAN is a nonprofit organization designed for mentoring middle and high school student. “I’t’s important that teens are involved with positive activities in the community.  This will show them how to give back, learn how to be a leader, and develop social skills.” said President Leshundra Robinson.  We will attend this event again next year with more volunteers to participate!

For more information on how you can join UCAN, contact (901) 262-8642 or visit website at www.ucanofmemphis.org or email us at ucanmakadiff@gmail.com


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