The Forgotten Soul Festival

This Thanksgiving were most will be gathered around the table with family and friends, enjoying a festivity of fun, laughter and food, there will be others who will be searching and wishing for a hot meal to eat.  They may be thankful to be alive but would prefer a warm place to lay their head or to be amongst good cheer with their family and friends.  The House of Mtenzi on 1289 will be helping these individuals to at least enjoy a good hot meal, free clothing, prayer and fellowship.  On Thanksgiving Day, UCAN will partner with Cam Mtenzi from the House of Mtenzi, to restore the Dignity in the Homeless Community.

For the past 3 years, UCAN has volunteered to help feed the homeless with Cam at the House of Mtenzi. Good hot food such as green beans, chicken and dressing, corn bread, baked ham, sweet potatoes and potato salad is donated and provided to individuals.  New and gently worn clothes, skull caps, socks, scarves, hand sanitizer, toiletries such as toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, toilet tissue, soap and wash towels are provided.  Pastor from Christian Fellowship church will be there to provide prayer.  Last year Ms. Ruby Wilson was there to offer entertainment as they ate and received free hair cuts.

Volunteers from UCAN, Volunteer Mid-South and Cummins will be helping us be a blessing to the Forgotten Souls.


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