UCAN to partner with Neighboorhood Christian Center

“‘Tis the season to be jolly” but some parents may not see it that way.  I remember when my parents had me write my letter to Santa to tell him what I wanted. Each year I received what was on the list.  I never thought twice on how those toys appeared under the Christmas tree. I always figured I was just “nice” and not “naughty”.  As I got older my mom told me it was a struggle trying to get what I wanted and sometimes they went without just to make sure I was happy.  This was with a 2 household income so imagine now with 1 household income how difficult it is to provide for your family.

Nowadays single parents are trying hard to survive but just can’t afford to make end meets not to mention buy their children or themself anything for Christmas.  Yes, we know it’s about the birth of Jesus but gifts are still to be given and for a parent not able to give a gift on that day could be heartbreaking to them.  Each year UCAN teams up with an organization to provide a family who has had hard times and can’t give.  The first year we partnered with K97 and provided a Christmas for a single mom with 2 boys.  The following year we adopted a single male who had custody of his 3 nieces and nephews.  Amazingly they only wanted educational items.  The next year we partnered with POE for Kids and built a relationship with a single mom of 2 girls, which one of the girls, Zamiriya, is now one of our great summer volunteers with Dare 2 Dream!  This year we have partnered up again with POE for Kids and Neighborhood Christian Center, both who are single moms with a boy and a girl.

We are excited about the partnerships and their families.  The family from NCC is in need of 2 – twin beds for her 2 children and a bed and comforter set for herself.  If you would like to help bless these families by purchasing items, please contact Leshundra at (901) 262-8642 or make a monetary donation on our secure website at www.ucanofmemphis.org.  Help us help them. Our location has changed to host our Christmas Gala. We will now have our Christmas Gala at Wingate by Wyndham Cordova located at 2270 N. Germantown.

Be a blessing…Happy Holidays!


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