Single mom inspires others

On Dec 15, TD Jakes Mind, Body and Soul Show had a teenage mom as his guest discussing how hard it was at age 16 to be pregnant. She didn’t have support from the baby daddy, her mother had passed away and she did not know her father. I sat down thinking how this happens to so many young ladies in middle and high school. What can be done about it? Do you constantly beat them across the head saying keep your legs close, continue to teach them abstinences hoping they will listen, show them love and pray for the best..what do you do? Author Summer Owens of SO What! has a very interesting book which discusses so what you are pregnant, you don’t let that stop your future.

I can relate to this. I got pregnant in the 11th grade but had a miscarriage. I then got pregnant again after graduating high school. What could have stopped me from getting pregnant the 1st time? More control at home. I had freedom and was intrigued. My parents worked, found out mom was on drugs, and I was angry! This same situation happened to a young lady who is our recipient for UCAN’s 2013 Adopted Family. Ms. Shunteria Dodson, age 20 with 2 adorable kids (a 4 year old girl and 2 year old boy), was pregnant at age 15. She didn’t know what to do but she did know she refused to drop out of school because of her pregnancy. Her mom was on drugs and she didn’t know her biological father. She was looking for love all in the wrong places. In the 12th grade she became pregnant again. Many teens who have 2 kids while in school just give up and drop out of school. But not Shunteria! She did not and continued her education graduating from Sheffield. She kept her joy and wanted to make sure she made a life for her and her kids. She joined a program named ROSS with a SMA nonprofit organization that helps out other young pregnant girls and to help find them employment. Shunteria told the young ladies that being pregnant is not a’s a job. Your entire life changes but that doesn’t mean you have to stop your future, it means you have extra people along the way to motivate you. She has applied for college entrance into University of Memphis and Southwest Tennessee College. Her major is Business Management.

I’m very excited to have Ms. Dodson as our 2013 recipient for UCAN Christmas Gala. She was referred to us by Neighborhood Christian Center and she and her family will be honored at our Christmas Gala December 21 at Wingate by Wyndham Cordova. They will be blessed with gifts and words of wisdom. She has also stated that she will be a volunteer for the organization to help more teens. Inspirational and a blessing!



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