What makes you fashionable?

UCAN’s Ambassador Janika Bates and Shabria Dixon will have the opportunity to have their pictures displayed at the Shadow clothing store in the Wolfchase Mall as the Shadow store front poster.  Photographer Ron Jackson from Jarona Fashion and Photography shot the young ladies as they turned into their alter ego to complete the shoot.  Adama Sow, from Christian Brothers University, also had the chance to sasha into the photoshoot. “I loved them (pictures) and was just grateful to be able to be apart of the shoot and in advertising female clothing for Shadow” said Adama. 

I was once the Director of Panda Models and Talent where Kevin (KY) Young was the owner and instructor and we worked with teens and tweens who had an interest in modeling or whose parents wanted them involved in the school to build their self esteem.  What I observed yesterday was the young ladies had to close their eyes and turn into their alter ego.  It’s true when you look good you feel confident.  When you look “ok” you don’t feel as confident. For Janika, who is 5’10” and built like a model, had low self esteem at one time. She didn’t think she was pretty enough, thought she was fat and didn’t like her skin.  With family, mentoring and volunteering,  she turned it ALL around and was confident with herself the day of the photo shoot.  She said, ” Loved them (pictures)! He’s a very good photographer.”

For tweens and teens who have low self-esteem, fashion is the key.  You make your own fashion and you use that creativity to build upon your self esteem.   Brighten your day with colors and a fashionable scarf. I’ve always taught young ladies the power of pearls. When you wear pearls you feel confident and beautiful like a 1st lady. So parents get those pearls for your tween and teen for Christmas.  


Have a safe and Merry Christmas!





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