Students Rising Above to Make a Difference

Rising Student M.A.D.

Students Rising Above to Make a Difference

 Often we hear about students not completing school or not taking advantage of their education while they are in school.  “A new report from the Department of Education shows that high school graduation rates are at their highest level since 1974. According to the report, during the 2009-10 school year, 78.2 percent of high school students nationwide graduated on time, which is a substantial increase from the 73.4 percent recorded in 2005-6. The report shows that graduation rates were up for all ethnic groups in 2010, and that the rate for Hispanic students has jumped almost 10 points since 2006.”  (Brenchley, 2013)

 UCAN of Memphis is aware this does not apply to all students in school and we want to highlight those rising students in middle and high school that are still in school and making a difference.  This is why we are promoting Rising Student M.A.D. (Rising Student Making A Difference) Rising Student M.A.D. gives the community, teachers, parents and their peers the opportunity to nominate a student who has made a difference in the community, at school, or even at home helping their family to strive to change.  Students are often embraced as juvenile delinquency only because they don’t have the right guidance.  With Rising Student M.A.D. you will see these students are the opposite and have been willing to change their environment by making a difference.

 Each month we will spotlight the winner of Rising Student M.A.D. on our website, media and other social sites.  The student will also volunteer with the organization representing Rising Student M.A.D.  At the end of the year, we will have all Rising Student M.A.D. attend our Christmas Gala December 20, 2014 at Wingate by Wyndham.  Only one of the Rising Student M.A.D. will be honored a scholarship for college of their choice!  Deadline to nominate a Rising Student M.A.D is the 27th of each month.  The winner will be announced and featured on at the end of each month.  Send your nomination to 

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Rising Student M.A.D. Nomination Form



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