Students Dare 2 Dream


There is an incredible need for young people to develop and maintain healthy adult relationships early in their teenage years. These mentor relationships enforce positive and supportive affirmation at a critical time. Research has indicated that it even leads to tremendous societal benefits as well. In dealing with troubled teens that are at risk of becoming chronic juvenile offenders, mentoring is especially effective. It strikes at the heart of an intense need teenagers often experience. The isolation and sense of being insecure and meaningless is often dissolved over time through long-term relationships built on unconditional love and respect. UCAN will be effective to help guide them in the right direction in becoming their mentor, social development such as etiquette and life skills, and their career and college endeavors.

UCAN is a Youth Development organization that has developed an image development program for students in grades 9th-12th in the mid-south area. The program is entitled “Dare 2 Dream”. The purpose of Dare 2 Dream is to provide early intervention and prevention services through the art of etiquette, building character, learn about college and career planning as well as be in the 1st stage play performing March 8. The cost is only $175 per student for the 6- month program. The students will receive back to school supplies and a graduation at the end of the program which ends August 1, 2014 and other great opportunities! Applications are now being accepted and class will start Saturday, February 1. Classes will be held every Saturday until August 1 from 10am – 12pm at Dave Wells Community Center. Students will be required to write a 200 word essay on why they believe the program Dare 2 Dream is important.

Dare 2 Dream is open to all students in middle and high school. We will be at Dave Wells Community Center. The students will be in a 6 month program with trained and qualified adult staff. The expected outcomes in the Dare 2 Dream program are to improved academics, better school attendance rates, confidence in skills achieved and relationships built. Exportable products will include fliers, brochures, and newsletters with program information. We consider this program the anti-drug for the youth.
Community Partnerships
Community Partnerships: Most of our classes are taught in partnership with a diverse range of churches, community-based organizations, local schools and businesses. Our approach is very aggressive in targeting this population since we believe that the earlier a person is introduced to our positive approach plus positive reinforcement; the more open and creative they will be in their efforts to utilize learned skills in their educational and economic advancement. In order to cultivate this willingness to learn about and utilize information/skills taught, we have developed an educational approach that incorporates the following elements:

Mentoring Development
• Etiquette
o Etiquette teaches proper table setting, how to properly speak, dress and to behave
• Professional Attire
o Partner with “Dress for Success” to teach how to dress properly for an interview, job and school
• Health Awareness
o Health Fair to target obesity, fun exercises and proper eating habits. Partner with the Health Department and other health awareness companies
• Life Skills
o Teach integrity, moral ethics, prosperity, defining self characteristics
• College Planning

• Career Planning
UCAN will develop new life that will build on their self esteem and self encouragement to know it’s not what they do but who they are. Dare 2 Dream can lead to exciting opportunities and result in life changing experiences. UCAN staff is committed to our work and creating a unique style in a fun, exciting and in a professional manner.
Classes will be offered every Saturday from 10 am – 12 pm at Dave Wells. Snacks will be provided for the Dave Wells location. After each 4 week class, the students will take a comprehensive exam on what they have leaned. Every quarter the students who have attended Dare 2 Dream will perform an overview for all parents, friends, and the community at the graduation. Each student participant will receive a certificate, a t-shirt and back to school supplies.
It is important that we have the involvement of the parent(s) to participate in the schedule activities. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Leshundra Robinson at (901) 262-8642 or by email at We look forward to becoming a mentor for your child.
DareToDream word pic

Mission Statement
Our Mission is to impact young adolescents through mentoring, personal development, and education which will bring forth positive growth in the community.

Our vision is to expose underprivileged youths in the community to a world where being successful and productive with their lives is not an option because you can achieve now.

To empower youth through mentoring, education and the art of fashion to build self-esteem


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