Free Prom Dresses Given

Imagine school year is almost over and you decided not to go to the prom because you don’t have a prom dress. Why? Because you can’t afford it? This is a statement Tamaira Ballard heard so much at Frayser High School in 2013. As a 11th grader, she didn’t think about going to the prom but her friends did. She would ask “What are you wearing to the prom?” When their response was “I’m not going because I can’t afford a dress,” she wondered how she could help. She asked if she was able to help get them a dress would they go. Their response was DEFINITELY! That’s when she started Operation Glamour and Gold.
Tamaira ballard pic Tamaira Ballard

Tamaira started posting on Facebook and sending out letters asking people to help donate prom dresses to juniors and seniors that could not afford it. She was amazed how many responded especially when she sent a letter to The Steve Harvey Show. They received her letter and noted her drive to help others. They later called her and asked her to be on the show! She will be leaving March 18 to do her interview.

On Saturday, March 15, Tamaira gave away 130 dresses to qualified deserving young ladies who were in need of a prom dress. Operation Glam and Gold was held at Frayser Leadership Empowerment Center sponsored by Urban Youth Initiative. What makes Tamaira a Rising Student M.A.D.? As you can see she is creative, a leader, and a community activist. She believes teens need to be more active and volunteer to not only stay busy but to help out when they see a need. Tamaira will be graduating this year and will attend Sullivan University in KY. She has also agreed to help UCAN with their Clothes and Cocktails event in August.

CONGRATULATIONS Tamaira Ballard on being UCAN’s Rising Student M.A.D.(Making A Difference) and making these girls look FABULOUS! (courtesy of Jeanette McKinley-Bowen)
pic of dress 3          pic of dress 2              pic of dress

If you know a middle or high school Rising Student M.A.D., nominate them to be selected and spotlighted on our social media, blogs and website (

rising student MAD pic

Rising Student M.A.D. Nomination Form


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