Bullying is a global awareness


Being beat up, pushed around, name calling and more are somethings kids go through in school and at home. But what if it went to far and that child could not take it anymore and decided to commit suicide from it. What would you do? What would you say? The anti-bullying play “You Can’t Hold Me Down” was featured Saturday, March 8 at LeMoyne Owen College. The play showed why bullies bully and how the victim is traumatized from the long term torture.

Many said this play hit home with their own child. It gave them light to know how to help. Memphis Police Department provided resource material for those who needed help. As parents and educators we have to remember that before a child can learn reading, math, social studies and more, they have to have their social skills taught. Meaning if a child has low self esteem due to bullying, you will have a higher drop out rate because they can’t concentrate which could lead to an even higher suicide rate. Identify the signs and get help.

To get more information about UCAN of Memphis contact (901) 262-8642 or visit the website at http://www.ucanofmemphis.org



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