Kenndy Anderson has solution to stop teen violence in the community




Kennedy Anderson is the exception of building a new brand.  Kennedy is a sophomore at Central High School with a 3.8 GPA.  She enjoys theater, writing and public speaking which lead her to UCAN of Memphis as the 2nd lead in the anti-bully play “You Can’t Hold Me Down” which was March 8 at Le-Moyne Owen College.  Kennedy was nominated for Rising Student M.A.D. by her tenacity of change.  She was quiet and timid when we were first met but before hitting the stage, Kennedy became this fierce and confident young lady who was willing to help make a difference.

Kennedy stated, “After joining UCAN of Memphis, I have been more active in the community. I was a model at the Memphis Black Expo and I recently volunteered with Habitat for Humanity to help the duties of building new homes.”  She enjoys giving back to the community and helping others.  She also believes it would be less teen violence in the community if more teens volunteered in the community like with organizations such as UCAN of Memphis.  This has been the 2nd Rising Student M.A.D. that has made this statement; so if teens are saying it what can we do to make it happen?  

As a 16 year old, she said she is very mature for her age.  She enjoys being fashionable with her friends but she also knows the limits.  She was taught well and wants to emerge that same wisdom to others her age.  After graduation she plans on going to a 4 year college to major in journalism.  Perhaps she could be our intern for Rising Student M.A.D. ?

Rising Student M.A.D.  exemplifies a student who is willing to make a difference in their community.  Kennedy Anderson has done just that!  If you know a Rising Student M.A.D., nominate them by the 27th of each month to be spotlighted on our website, media and other social sites.  The student will also volunteer with the organization representing Rising Student M.A.D.  At the end of the year, we will have all Rising Student M.A.D. attend our Christmas Gala December 20, 2014 at Wingate by Wyndham.  Only one of the Rising Student M.A.D. will be honored a scholarship for college of their choice!  Send your nomination to


Interviewed by Christy


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