“Point ’em out..knock ’em out!” is what they said

We talk about bridging a social gap between our teens and society. But according to the 2013 Report Card where there was an 88% graduation rate, it seems we are not bridging a gap, we are parting further apart. (http://tn.gov/education/data/report_card/2013.shtml) The incident that happened Saturday, Sept 6 around 9:15pm on the Kroger parking lot of Highland and Poplar is not the first time this incident has happened in that parking lot. I have shopped in that shopping plaza many times and there is always at least 2 patrol cars driving the lot. Where were they when these incidents happen? Better yet, why didn’t anyone call the police when the first man was being attacked? Instead of calling the police they were taking a video to go viral. What if this was your child, what would you have wanted done..video or police?!

It was told a 25-year-old man said he was attacked by the mob of teenagers as he was walking to his car in the store’s parking lot. Two teenage Kroger employees – aged 17 and 18 – hurried to help the man being attacked, but both of them were said to have been repeatedly hit in the head and face. The employees said the mob threw pumpkins that weighed more than 20 pounds at their hands after the two had fallen to the ground. Those actions are verified in the video that was taken. Both of the employees who were trying to help the man lost consciousness due to the physical attack they encountered. (examiner.com) This was not black on white crime, it was a gang of kids who some call themselves the “Fam Mob” who played a game called “point them out, knock them out”.

Now how ridiculous this sounds, it’s the same effect of the irrational challenge games – cinnamon challenge, pass out challenge, fire challenge, the Vaseline challenge and so many more “challenges”. What happen to the challenge of staying in school? When will adults be challenged to become a mentor? We argue that there are more black males in the street, in gangs, pants hanging down, not in school, etc. But when are we going to stop complaining about it and start helping the problem? Yes we know the old saying it takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a mentor to help just one. Don’t complain about what they are doing unless you are making an impact to change the behavior. They are reaching out asking for help yet so few are stepping up to the plate and giving it. Don’t be about it, do something about it! What’s YOUR civic duty in the community?


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